Alicia Lagarde Craig Joins Athena

Even after more than 16 years in the industry, Alicia Lagarde Craig still loves to learn about real estate—and apply this knowledge to serving her clients. Athena proudly welcomes this dedicated agent to our brokerage.

Growing up in St. Bernard Parish, Alicia demonstrated an early passion for education by graduating from Mount Carmel Academy high school summa cum laude. In 2007, at the University of New Orleans, she completed a double major in finance and business administration. On top of that, she added a minor in real estate.

Before finishing college, she already had her real estate license, earned in 2006. She enjoyed seeing how properties are styled, and also pricing them, a complex art incorporating her finance background.

Alicia entered the market during hard times—Hurricane Katrina, the 2008 financial crisis—but credits those challenges with forcing her to learn everything possible about the business. To this day, she regularly attends industry conferences, subscribes to trade publications, and takes extra continuing education hours.  The Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans certified her as a historic home specialist in 2010, a designation in which she takes special pride.

The opportunity to keep building her skills drew her to Athena. The boutique firm is staffed with quality agents while staying small enough that no one gets lost in the mix. “That’s good for collaboration and coming together on ideas,” Alicia says. “Communication has been top notch during the transition.”

Athena is grateful for Alicia’s knowledge and the chance to collaborate with her.

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