Exploring Owner Financing in Louisiana: An Insight into Bond for Deed Transactions

In the current real estate market, where inventory lingers and buyers are sparse, sellers are increasingly exploring alternative methods to facilitate property transactions. One such method gaining traction in Louisiana is owner financing, specifically through Bond for Deed (BFD) agreements. This blog post from Athena Real Estate aims to shed light on how BFD transactions can be a strategic solution for sellers in today’s challenging market.

Understanding Bond for Deed Transactions

A Bond for Deed contract is a unique form of owner financing specific to Louisiana. In essence, it allows a seller to finance the purchase of their property directly to the buyer. The buyer agrees to pay the purchase price in installments, and upon the completion of these payments, the seller transfers the title of the property to the buyer.

Advantages in a Sluggish Market

In a market where buyers are hesitant or unable to secure traditional financing, BFD offers several advantages:

  1. Wider Pool of Buyers: BFD opens up the market to buyers who may not qualify for traditional loans, thereby increasing the chances of selling your property.
  2. Negotiable Terms: Sellers have the flexibility to negotiate the terms of the sale, including the down payment, interest rate, and the payment schedule.
  3. Continued Property Rights: Until the final payment is made, the seller retains the title and legal rights to the property, offering a layer of security against default.

Legal Considerations

While BFD transactions provide an alternative route to traditional selling methods, they come with legal nuances that must be carefully considered:

  • Due-on-Sale Clauses: A BFD agreement might trigger a due-on-sale clause in an existing mortgage, allowing the lender to demand full payment.
  • Default Procedures: Louisiana law requires sellers to give a 45-day notice to buyers before terminating the contract in the event of default.
  • Risk Management: Sellers should be mindful of the risks, including the potential need to reimburse the buyer in specific default scenarios.

The Role of Athena Real Estate

At Athena Real Estate, we understand the complexities of owner financing and are equipped to guide sellers through the intricacies of BFD transactions. Our team ensures that all agreements are compliant with Louisiana law and that the terms are favorable for our clients.


In today’s market, where selling challenges are prevalent, a Bond for Deed transaction can be an effective strategy for property sellers in Louisiana. It not only broadens the potential buyer pool but also provides flexibility in terms and conditions. With Athena Real Estate, sellers can navigate these agreements with confidence, knowing they have expert guidance every step of the way.

If you’re considering owner financing for your property, reach out to us at Athena Real Estate to explore your options and make informed decisions in this unique market landscape.

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Everett Fineran, Esq.