House Hunting with Athena: Celebrating Realtor Stephanie Henne’s HGTV House Hunters Feature at Our New Lakeview Office

This past Saturday, the Athena cofounders and several of our agents gathered at our new
office in Lakeview to watch the recent “House Hunters” episode featuring our realtor
Stephanie Henne. We celebrated with Athena balloons, a bartender serving beer and
wine, and a photographer with an actual red carpet. As a firm, we could not be more
pleased with this success.

Our blog previously discussed how, following five years in real estate—all of them at our
brokerage—Henne’s online marketing skills hit the jackpot in April. That’s when HGTV, the
home renovation network and ratings heavyweight, discovered her thanks to TikTok. Now,
just half a year later, we had the chance to enjoy the finished product together as a team.
The episode told the story of a couple hunting for a house in New Orleans, guided by
Henne’s expert knowledge and intuition. Would they pick the husband’s storied childhood
home, the quirky shotgun with all the fireplaces, or the new house with a big backyard
complete with a swimming pool? It turns out the answer—but that would be spoiling things.
“I think it came out great,” Henne said. “The show was very authentic to our interactions.
And all the support at this premier party feels incredible. I had a few close clients of mine
from this year show up, people who have been buying and selling with me, and that really
meant the world. Everyone seems to love the episode; it shows a true side of me, how I
really am as a real estate agent.”

Cofounder Everett Fineran said, “I was proud. Stephanie Henne represents exactly what
we want to see from our brokerage. She knows what she’s doing. She made it seem fun to
pick out a house, not too pushy, and guided her clients in the right direction. The whole
show was great.”

The new Lakeview office was a huge hit, too. Partygoers praised the artwork, the decor,
the pristine, clean building. “Everyone commented on the new office,” Henne said.
“Everything about it, from the floor to the ceiling, the walls to the windows.” Laughing,
people took turns walking the red carpet. Meanwhile, kids decamped to a conference room
to color and watch PJ Masks on the Vibe board.

Henne is grateful for the night to remember, the photographs to enjoy again and again. “I
really appreciate Athena’s support in throwing this premier party for me and offering to host
all of my clients and friends and family. It just speaks volumes of the brokerage I’m with.
Not a lot of real estate firms do this for their agents.”

If you missed the show, or simply want to watch it again, HGTV’s page for the episode
provides scheduling information for upcoming airings—or check out their HGTV GO app to
catch up at your convenience.

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Everett Fineran, Esq.