Athena’s newest team member David Waldvogel is a smart choice as your real estate agent

David Waldvogel is excited to bring his passion and construction knowledge to Athena home sellers and buyers. “I can help my Athena clients visualize how a home or business can transform into exactly what they want,” he says. “With my construction background, I can also give them an educated estimate of costs.”

David’s roots in real estate and construction are deep: he grew up in a family whose business is real estate development and property management and after graduating from Slidell High School, he focused on real estate courses at the University of Southern Mississippi. When he and his wife moved to New Orleans after Katrina, David went into construction management, where he excelled in project management, documentation and contract negotiations.

“Many of my construction projects were renovations and restorations,” he said, “and I gained an in-depth knowledge of real estate in all the neighborhoods and business areas of New Orleans.”

David decided to join Athena, a top New Orleans real estate brokerage, because of the excellent commission package it offers, strong recommendations from other real estate agents, Athena’s modern branding, and the technology and support it offers its agents.

David, his wife and three children live in Lakeview near her parents. They are active in the Saint Dominic school and church community. His backyard BBQ pit is a favorite meeting place for family and friends.

David is a people-person who is driven by a desire to use his knowledge to help people realize their dreams. For anyone looking at real estate in the New Orleans area, he’s a smart choice.

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