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425 Harrison Ave., Suite 1200
New Orleans, LA 70124

About Erica

Erica Adams’ real estate career started early: growing up, she and her sister rode around New Orleans as their parents window-shopped homes. After college and a stint in advertising, Erica followed her passion and joined a local real estate agency. Now she and her sister, Amanda Mitternight, have made the move to Athena Real Estate, where they work as a team. “Working as a team, one of us is always available for any client need.” 

Erica is a visual person and helps homebuyers envision how a house can become the home of their dreams. “Adding a master bath or a separate bedroom for an older child, updating the kitchen, enlarging windows to provide a view of the yard – I help my clients visualize how renovations can meet their needs,” she said. 

Erica has personal knowledge of renovations: she upgraded her Lakeview home as her twins (a boy and a girl) have grown. She has helped clients make upgrades in Lakeview, River Ridge, Metairie, Jefferson, and other areas. 

Born and raised in New Orleans, Erica knows the City’s neighborhoods. She attended Mount Carmel Academy and is a graduate of Belhaven University in Mississippi. She is the owner of a retail store that features children’s clothing and stationery.

 “I love my City and our unique lifestyle,” Erica says. “As an Athena agent, I help my neighbors reach their goals and add to the richness of our community.” 

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