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425 Harrison Ave., Suite 1200
New Orleans, LA 70124

About Joshua

Joshua Hartdegen’s philosophy as a real estate agent is simple:  always put the client first. “I want people to get what they want, whether I make more money on the deal or not. The connection and service to my clients is what gives me satisfaction,” Joshua says.

Joshua grew up with a family of carpenters, interior designers, and contractors, fostering a solid intuition about home renovation projects. That experience—and his passion for real estate—gives him unique insight into “hidden gem” opportunities for his investors and DIY clients alike.

Joshua grew up in the Metairie area and has lived in Baton Rouge and Mandeville. He has a long record of giving back to these communities. While studying and working part-time, he continued his record of service by volunteering as a suicide prevention counselor for the Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center and helping at Friends of the Animals, a local shelter. After college, Joshua worked in an elderly psychiatric unit at East Jefferson General Hospital. Today he stays active in his community and volunteers at the LSPCA and Take Paws animal shelter, where he has rescued and fostered dogs.

Joshua is an avid reader and enjoys all outdoor sports and activities, from hiking to tennis to paddleboarding. He currently lives in Old Jefferson with his dog, Royal, an 8-year-old rescue husky.

With his construction background, his family connections in the industry, and a natural passion for realizing the full potential of a property, Joshua is the go-to realtor when you want to flip a house. Indeed, his honesty and compassion make him an excellent choice for anyone who wants to buy or sell a home in the New Orleans area.

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