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425 Harrison Ave., Suite 1200
New Orleans, LA 70124

About Tracy

Tracy Fanguy is an Athena agent with a special talent: she can see your future. 

Tracy got her special talent from personal experience. She and her husband renovated their home, transforming a 960-square foot bungalow into a 1650-square foot home suitable for a family of four. In the process, she learned to see the potential in a home: remove a wall, add an outdoor living area, re-plumb, and make other adjustments. Tracy now brings that creative talent for seeing the future to clients seeking a first home, upgrading to a larger living space, or downsizing as empty nesters. 

“Buying a home is more than just choosing X number of rooms and a good school district,” Tracy says. “It’s all about seeing the potential for turning a house into the home of your dreams.” 

Born and raised in Metairie and now a long-time Harahan resident, Tracy knows the neighborhoods, schools, shopping areas, and commuting routes. She is active in the community, having served on the Harahan Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board. Once her younger son graduates from high school, she and her husband will build a new house, allowing her older son to take over the family quarters. For fun, she helps her clients and watches home-makeover TV!

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