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425 Harrison Ave., Suite 1200
New Orleans, LA 70124

About Claudine

Claudine Christiansen has the real estate bug. It started when she, a teacher and her husband, then in law school, scraped together enough money to buy a lot in Lakeview after Katrina. They parlayed that purchase into the home they now own. “It was a struggle, but a smart investment,” she says. “And I loved every minute of the process!”

Now an Athena Realtor, Claudine brings her passion and knowledge of New Orleans neighborhoods to her clients. A graduate of Mount Carmel HS and LSU, she has a particular affinity for couples and young families who are buying their first homes, or upgrading to accommodate a growing household. She is a member of the New Orleans Metropolitan Real Estate Association and continues to teach elementary school.

With her busy schedule, Claudine has little time off but when she can, she vacations to her favorite spots in California with her husband and two girls.

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