Athena congratulates Claudine Christiansen on being a 2020 Top Producer!

Congratulations to Claudine Christiansen on being one of our four Top Producers for 2020!

An intrepid New Orleans Realtor, Claudine fights to get her clients into the right house. She is especially enthusiastic about young couples and first-time buyers.

“I try to get my clients into a home that feels like a home, not just a house,” Claudine says, and she aligns her work with the hashtag #LoveWhereYouLive.  Claudine Christiansen was born and grew up in Lakeview. She is fond of selling Lakeview homes to newlyweds and couples who are ready to expand their families.

Claudine attributes her success this year to the patience and support she has received from her family, friends, and colleagues. She considers Athena Real Estate to be a part of this network.  “It’s nice when you’re working for a brokerage that’s so supportive.”

Whether dealing in Lakeview homes or any New Orleans real estate, Claudine plans to build on her momentum in 2021. “I really care about my clients. I want to build more connections.”

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Athena congratulates Chris Serio on being named a 2020 Top Producer!

Congratulations to Chris Serio, one of our top producing realtors in 2020!

Chris is a skilled New Orleans realtor who specializes in strategic marketing for vintage New Orleans homes.

Chris uses his own video production company, Streetcar Films, to create stunning video and other visual tools to sell New Orleans real estate.

Chris bought and renovated a commercial building and now uses the lessons from this experience to better serve his clients. He has an eye for architectural buildings, and he knows the ins and outs of renovation.

“The home buying and selling experience are deeply emotional,” Chris says. “My focus is to guide my clients confidently in the right direction.”

It’s creative, high-producing Realtors like Chris Serio who make Athena great.

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Athena is delighted to welcome Austin Aleman to our team!

Austin grew up in Old Metairie and went to Brother Martin High School, but his work ethic and ambition soon led him to discover the other neighborhoods of New Orleans.

At the age of 15 he worked at the Canseco’s in Old Metairie, and later he took jobs at places like the airport in Kenner and a restaurant in downtown New Orleans. Long before graduating from University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Austin learned about our city from the ground up.

“I’ve worked in every suburb and neighborhood in New Orleans to the point I know what each part of our city has to offer. I know the benefits of each area and why people would want to live there.”

Austin has a special passion for investment property in the French Quarter. He has invested his own time and money into this niche, and is eager to help his clients do the same.  “If investors want to get in there as well, I can show them my numbers and how I’m doing it and teach them if they’re interested.”

Taking care of investors was Austin’s primary goal as he signed with Athena, and he never felt the need to look at other brokers. “Everyone at Athena seemed professional. I like their mentorship program. It seemed like the right fit.”

Austin enjoys fishing in St. Bernard, spending time with his wife and their young son, and playing with his two dogs. He likes to show visitors the Old Metairie boat launch and Freret Street in Uptown New Orleans.

“I want anyone I help to be profitable. I want them to be grateful that they trusted me when they start making money.”

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Athena proudly welcomes Lauren Serio to our team!

Athena is delighted to welcome veteran agent Lauren Serio to our team!

For Lauren, there’s something special that makes a house a home. Sometimes, it’s a simple fireplace or circle driveway, other times it’s the hidden potential and excitement of what could be created.  Lauren is eager and determined to help her clients with buying or listing their homes.

Lauren grew up in Metairie and graduated from Ridgewood High School. She then went to culinary school and worked at Emeril’s, Muriel’s, and John Besh’s Luke. For success in these high-caliber restaurants, she had to show up with a game plan, communicate effectively, and stay calm under pressure — all skills that have helped her greatly in her real estate career. She started as a realtor in Georgia, working under a high-volume broker that averaged eight listings per day. She recently returned home to New Orleans, after seven years in the Georgia mountains.

Lauren co-owns Mountain Media, a digital media marketing company, with her husband. She’s a skilled marketer with access to the best software and tools, and the marketing she provides for her listing clients is second-to-none.

Lauren lives in Metairie with her husband, Scott, their two children, Hudson and Penelope, and two dogs, Abita and Dooley. She is a proud supporter of the Ronald McDonald House Charity, whose mission and service has directly impacted her own family.

As a mom of two little ones, Lauren knows that home is where life happens and is honored to play a small role in helping her clients on their journey to finding a home. In her free time, she loves to play licks on her saxophone and coordinate kitchen dance parties.

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Athena proudly welcomes Joseph Imbraguglio to our team!

From the time he was a pre-teen, building a treehouse outfitted with cable TV and crown molding, Joseph Imbraguglio has known he wanted to have a career in real estate. A graduate of Louisiana State University, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Marketing (with a double education in Marketing and Entrepreneurship), Joseph joined Athena to realize his life-long objective of a career in real estate. With his experience, network, and skills, Joseph is certain to play a prominent role in the industry.

A New Orleans native, Joseph knows the city and its people well. His family’s Uptown restaurant, Vincent’s Italian Cuisine, is as much an institution in New Orleans as red beans and rice and Saints football. Working in the family restaurant over the years, Joseph learned firsthand the importance of quality customer service, a lesson he now applies when representing clients in real estate transactions. His network has also blossomed through the friendships he has made with the restaurant’s patrons, connections that serve his real estate clients well.

A serial entrepreneur, Joseph has business and negotiation skills well beyond his years. As the frontman of the pop-rock outfit Paris Avenue, he’s negotiated contracts and toured the country, all while navigating the complexities of the music business. At the same time, he has owned and operated a handful of small businesses around the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas, amassing a large network of connections and gaining first-hand knowledge of professional sales.

Joseph said he joined Athena because of the company’s commitment to quality representation, strong technological and operational infrastructure, and close-knit culture. “I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of such an outstanding group of real estate professionals,” he said.

Joseph’s commitment to excellence, sophisticated marketing skills, and large network throughout Louisiana make him an ideal candidate to represent any client in a real estate transaction. Reach out to Joseph now if you’re ready to work with one of the top real estate agents in the area.

Joseph Imbraguglio
Athena Real Estate
118 W. Harrison Ave., Suite 301
New Orleans, LA 70124
Licensed in Louisiana
Office: (504) 507-8331
Cell: (504) 258-4689
Email: josephsellsnola@gmail.com
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Athena proudly welcomes Joe Schick to our team!

Joe Schick has been riding in Mardi Gras floats for nearly his entire adult life (he started in his first year of eligibility, at 21, and hasn’t stopped since). But his love for New Orleans extends well beyond the parades. A Metairie native, he has the intimate knowledge of New Orleans culture, architecture, and real estate that only a lifelong local can provide.

As a real estate investor, he’s developed expertise in New Orleans neighborhoods and the pricing trends that affect them. His experience with remodeling his own investments helps him provide clients with precise estimates of what certain repairs should cost, and who should pay for them. He has a passion for the variety of architectural styles present throughout New Orleans, and his knowledge in this area helps him to pinpoint the perfect properties for his clients.

Joe attended Brother Martin High School and, after graduating from LSU, became a golf pro at the Metairie Country Club. There he ran tournaments and taught golf, developing patience and teaching skills that have helped him greatly in his work with real estate clients. He lives in Lakeview with his wife Libby and their two daughters, Stella and Louise. He’s active in the Saint Dominic school community and still golfs as often as he can.

Athena Real Estate
118 W. Harrison Ave., Ste. 301
New Orleans, LA 70124
Athena Office: (504) 507-8331
Joe’s Cell: (504) 875-1572
Joe’s Email: jschick1@hotmail.com
Licensed in Louisiana


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We are delighted to announce that top New Orleans real estate agent Jamie Magee has joined the Athena team.

As a Realtor® with Athena, Jamie Magee continues to expand her business and her reputation as a dedicated and approachable agent. She genuinely cares about the outcome of every transaction, and she makes sure her clients know that she loves, respects, and honors them. While she prides herself on adeptly handling the “nuts and bolts” of every deal—from negotiations all the way through closings—she understands that her job is really about treating people fairly and serving her clients’ needs. That is undoubtedly why so much of her business comes from referrals and loyal clients.

Before embarking on her real estate career, Jamie worked as a tour guide and carriage driver where she gained an in-depth knowledge of the neighborhoods of New Orleans. After 14 years in that industry, Jamie became a real estate agent and quickly became one of the top-producing agents in the New Orleans area.

Jamie is a certified New Orleans Historic House Specialist. Her detailed knowledge of the neighborhoods of New Orleans serve her well in real estate. Many of her clients purchase older homes, and she can provide guidance on the costs and practical considerations of home renovations.

Jamie, a Metairie native, enjoys spending time with her husband, Will, and their three children, Isabella, Benjamin, and Bailen. Will is a Deacon, and his father is a Bishop. Jamie’s faith is important to her, and she believes that her regular prayer and church fellowship are the foundation of her success as a professional with strong ethics.

Jamie consistently delivers quality, personable services to her clients.  To get started working with Jamie, call or email her today!

Jamie’s Cell: (504) 250-5858
Athena Office: (504) 507-8331
Jamie’s Email: mynolarealtor@gmail.com

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Athena Proudly Welcomes Tamara Neal to Our Team

We are delighted to welcome Tamara Neal to the Athena Real Estate team!

Tamara is a licensed and practicing real estate agent who has years of experience as a New Orleans walking tour host and carriage tour operator. She is a certified expert in the history of the City’s buildings and their unique architecture. Downtown, Uptown, French Quarter, Garden District, Central City, Mid-City, and her hometown of Metairie – Tamara knows them all. Tamara’s great knowledge of the City make her a natural for real estate.

Tamara has deep family roots in New Orleans and moved to join her family here in the 80s, after early years growing up in Biloxi, Mississippi. Her first career was traveling the country showing Quarter Horses, which segued into positions at racetracks, including assistant trainer and Master Farrier. She opened a uniform company when she moved to Metairie and then spent more than a decade in the tour business before making the transition to real estate.

“I know every inch of New Orleans,” Tamara said, “not just the buildings and streets but the mood and environment of the neighborhoods. I have learned to read people very well, and that allows me to help my clients find just the right environment for their unique lifestyle.”

She also loves home décor and teams with daughter/partner, Jamie Magee, to provide great recommendations for makeovers and renovations.

In her free time, Tamara spends time with family, especially her grandchildren. She also does volunteer work with rescue animals.

Tamara has the combination of knowledge and people skills allow her to help clients find exactly what they are looking for. To take a tour of the City’s best home opportunities, call or email her today!

Tamara’s Cell: (504) 513-0092
Athena Office: (504) 507-8331
Tamara’s Email: my1homerealtor@gmail.com

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Stop Talking and Help (Part 2): Athena Increases Agents’ Commission Income

The economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is certain to affect virtually every business in operation in the United States—and globally.  Particularly vulnerable are those independent contractors, like real estate agents, who rely on commission income.  With government orders to “shelter in place,” and the lack of government services vital to conduct real estate activities, the pandemic will negatively affect agents’ income, no matter how badly they want to work.

At the core of Athena’s values is its commitment to put people over profits and support the members of its team.  So when this nasty virus first hit our shores, Athena announced its COVID-19 Agent Support Policy.  Since then, Athena has dedicated half of its operating cash to support its agents financially, reserving only the resources necessary to maintain basic operations.

But Athena’s owners couldn’t help but ask: what more can we do to help?  Indeed, what more can every brokerage do?

Athena’s COVID-19 Agent Support Policy was a good start, but we are doing more to support our agents.  Effective immediately, Athena is increasing every agent’s commission compensation on any transactions closed for at least the next 60 days.

We call on every brokerage to follow suit and support the agents who rely on commission income for their livelihoods. We are confident that, once the crisis is under control, real estate activity will boom, and ours will be a good business in which to be.  Until then, brokers have an obligation to help agents “bridge the gap” and continue to make ends meet.

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Stop Talking and Help: Athena’s COVID-19 Agent Support Policy

With Louisiana–and all of America–in a state of emergency, there is sure to be a disruption to all industries, real estate not the least among them. Athena Real Estate has carefully considered measures it may take to help the business disruption to our agents during these trying times. We are proud to announce our company’s COVID-19 financial support policy for our agents, effective immediately.

We’ve all heard enough lip service from companies with “health tips” and policies that “support” their teams in spirit only. Rather than extending more words of encouragement that ring hollow, Athena will provide financial assistance to our agents whose businesses have been significantly disrupted by the emergency declarations in Louisiana and the response to the COVID-19 virus. Agents with significant disruption to their business may receive an immediate cash advance on real estate income, which they may use to pay bills, buy medical supplies, pay for childcare, or for any other purpose. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Athena firmly believes that brokerages and employers have a social responsibility to support–financially and otherwise–their employees and independent contractors during difficult times like these. Saying you are a “family first” company requires more than words of encouragement: it means putting people over profits. Especially in our industry, where moms and dads rely on uncertain commission income, brokerages have a responsibility to “bridge the gap” for team members struggling to make ends meet during an unavoidable period of business interruption caused by a national crisis. We hope other brokerages will recognize they have such responsibility and follow our lead in supporting their agents while the country fights through and recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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